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Dino Weissbrod (1990-1999)

Dear surfers, my brother and I have established this page to honor our beloved dog, rip, Dino. Dino was born in 1990. He was adopted from "Animals Protection" by my family from when he was only 3 weeks old and his treatment was hard and exhausting and required much attention - starting from teaching blubber control and cooking special soups for him. My brotheres named him "Dino" after the dinosour from "the Flintons". Dino loved us and when I was born, he felt a special need to protect me. He sat by my bed and walked under my chariot when I was being walked. Therefore, we had a special bond and I didn't fear him even when I was young (as you can see in the picture above). Dino became part of our family. In 1999 he became sick with brain cancer and he passed away. We shall cherish him forever and therefore decided to memorize his memory in this page.
- Michal

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